Friday, October 1, 2010

Welome to PMacD and the DR

Just thought I would begin to write down some of my thoughts, ideas and plans for my life, my career and my family.  There's little time for me to give back everything that I've learned, everything I've soaked up and everything I've discovered on my own.  

While I've been on this beautiful planet for more than two score and ten, I've only recently (the last ten or so) begun to learn about life and how to truly enjoy it.  There's been such a transition and metamorphosis in my life, I don't know where to begin.

But I have to first explain  the blog's name: PMacD is me, naturally, and the "DR" is the data repository.  Which data repository you may ask - well, it's the SQL Server database that is populated with vast amounts of data supplied by a Meditech hospital information system (HIS). Now don't get your pants in a tizzy, there will be no patient information posted (Why, I do believe that's against some sort of HIPAA rule.)  I will merely be trying to collect my thoughts, my work and my accomplishments somewhere - somewhere I can find them.  (Hopefully I'll remember to bookmark this page) 

Oh, and it's not just about me...I want to here from folks out there.  I want input, questions, shrieks of horror at what I may suggest to do with the databases we have been so foolishly entrusted to maintain. 

Enough for now...I'll post again soon with perhaps something a little worthwhile for you to use....

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